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The seamen in our database (3890 persons) have experience...

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Лицензия ООО Евро Стар Maritime Labour Convention


Our company was Founded in 1999 year
and licensed by the government of Ukraine.
Also Our Company Received MLC Certificate On 02.07.2013, 02.07.2018.

We have pleasure in offering you our service to supply a complete crew or different specialists for any type of vessels.

The seamen in our database (Over 15000 persons) have experience in the different type of vessels, including river-sea going vessels , a fair knowledge of English and they have all necessary International Maritime Certificates.
Our seamen worked in the shipping companies all around the world
(more details You can see HERE)

Also we can supply brilliant cadets (deck side and engine room), which have STCW certificates.
Kherson has marine institute & two marine colleges,
and some years we cooperate with practice departments.
We have cadets and young specialists with Able Seaman certificates, Short Voyage Navigator, Watch engineer Certificates, but without or with short experience at sea.
Our cadets do not claim to large reward, the receiving of good experience is more important for them.

If You will be interested in our company, we shall be ready to send Wage Scale under Your requirement.

Should you need any further details about mentioned above - do not hesitate to contact us:

Kherson region is situated on the south of Ukraine...

Maritime companies, ports, vessels...

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